Top 5 Data Security Mistakes by Skill Boosters

Posted by Patrick L on Nov 7, 2016 4:15:53 PM

Find out how to keep your organisation’s personal data safe and secure with Data Protection Act e-learning from Skill Boosters.

As organisations gather more and more information about the people they deal with, keeping people’s ‘personal data’ secure is top priority. It’s not just a matter of people hacking into your data. Even small security oversights can lead to the loss or theft of personal data – and huge fines under the Data Protection Act. We’re going to have a look at some of the most common data security mistakes – and how to avoid them.

  1. Leaving cabinets unlocked
    A lot of personal data is still stored in paper files, so remember to keep them in locked drawers or cabinets – particularly if you have a lot of visitors from outside the organisation.
  2. Leaving your computer on
    It’s always a good idea to power down your computer when you’re not at your desk – or at the very least, make sure that it’s protected from unauthorised access by a password lock.
  3. Using easy passwords
    We all like passwords that are easy to remember – but this makes them easier for other people to guess too. The most secure passwords use a combination of capital letters and lower case, numbers and symbols – and don’t forget to change them regularly.
  4. Storing data on removable storage devices
    Keeping personal data on small devices like memory sticks and flash drives can be recipe for disaster. So if you have to take personal data out of the office, make sure that the whatever you’re storing it on is encrypted or password-protected – and that it’s kept in a safe place.
  5. Sending personal data to the wrong place
    Many data security breaches simply involve personal data being sent to the wrong postal address, fax number or email address. So always check who you’re sending it to – and take particular care when forwarding on email chains.

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